Visit Our Store in Ft. Worth — Near The Cultural District

Spinzilla spinner registration is LIVE on the TNNA website. (September 4 through 27). 
JOIN OUR TEAM and come visit us at the shop for these events: 
  • Sun, Sept 9: Monthly Spin-in at W7W 1-4pm
  • Sun, Sept 16: Wheel Maintenance Workshop 1-4pm
  • Sun, Sept 23: Measuring & Fiber Prep Workshop 1-4pm
  • October 1-7: SPINZILLA WEEK, Monday through Sunday

What is Spinzilla you ask? Spinzilla is a world-wide spinning event where competing teams and individuals challenge each other to see who can spin the most yarn in a week! At its core, Spinzilla is the challenge to generate a very big number to show the yarn universe and beyond what we spinners are made of. Spinzilla is a vehicle for individual spinners to spin more and worry less!  We don’t care what kind of yarn you spin, we just want you to grab a tool, any tool, and get spinning! We need those yards! The more you spin, the better spinner you will become. Find out more here. 

Why is there a registration fee and where does the money go? The registration fee goes to The TNNA Foundation . The foundation creates community partnerships which promote and encourage relationships between adults and youth, fostering curiosity, creativity and a feeling of achievement through the teaching of needle arts. The upcoming focus of the Foundation Board of Trustees will be identifying opportunities both to generate contributions for the Foundation. Look for new initiatives designed to recognize dedication and service to the prospect development field.