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Strawberry with a Hint of Lime Shawl

Strawberry with a Hint of Lime Shawl

This is a simple two row stockinette triangle pattern that you can add your favorite “pooling” stitch to. I’ve included videos of an extended nupp stitch below. By calling it “extended” I just mean that you keep doing the knit and yarn overs into the same stitch until the color pop runs out. You can use any type of pooling stitch you’d like, even a regular bobble stitch would work. There are  examples on YouTube – like this Floret Cluster Stitch by Dawn Barker

The base pattern is as follows – every time you come to the color pop (in this yarn it’s red) you do the special pooling stitch. 


Materials: One skein of fingering weight (approx. 430yds) assigned pooling yarn and a 32″ US 4 circular needle. 

CO 3
Set up row: Sl 1 purl wise, pfb, p1
Row 1 (RS): Sl 1 knit wise, lift the purl bump from the stitch to the left up onto the left hand needle and knit it, k to end. 
Row 2 (WS): Sl 1 purl wise, p to 2 stitches to the end, pfb, p1.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you are almost out of yarn – bind off on a RS row. 

Sl 1 kw and lift the purl bump to knit.

CO = cast on
Sl = slip
pfb = purl front and back of the same stitch
p = purl
k = knit
RS = right side
WS = wrong side

To make the strawberry bumps, I used the nupp stitch – but I just extended it to use up all of the color pop of red in my yarn. To knit a nupp you knit a stitch as normal, but don’t slip the old stitch off the needle. Instead you leave it on and make a very loose yarn over. Then you repeat the stitch and yarn over steps until you are almost out of the color op followed by a final stitch and slip the loop off. You can see in the video below that I pull the knit stitches in the nupp out really far to make them as loose as possible. Slide all of your color pop loops onto the opposite needle and knit them all together. This can be pretty tricky when you have so many. My work around was to yarn over at the end of the stitches that I had just slid back onto the left and then slide each stitch back over that last yarn over. 

Extended nupp – knit side, continental

The color pops in the yarn will become more and more random as the shape of the scarf changes and the triangle grows. You’ll find your self needing to make the nupps on the purl side as well. To do that, just purl and yarn over in the same stitch over and over. Pull those purl stitches in the nupp out really far to make them as loose as you can. Use the same yarn over on the needle tip and slip stitches over to purl the nupp loops together and then push the nupp to the knit side and continue on purling. 

Extended nupp – purl side, continental.

Now I knit continental style (holding the working yarn in my left hand) 99% of the time, but you can do these extended nupps English style (holding the working yarn in your right hand). I’m not great at switching up my knitting style – but I’ve attempted to show you an English style extended nupp. It takes me a lot longer because it’s not my usual style and it might look kind of awkward – because it was awkward for me. Everyone knits differently – so use the method that works best for you!  And happy knitting!

Extended nupp – purl side, English 


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April 20, 2023